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Which CD? Finally here...
Who wrote the review? Bruno Van de Velde, Undertow web 'zine
Rating? 7.5 / 10
Date? November 7, 2001
This is already the fifth CD of this Swedish band. This time around they recorded eight songs. The CD starts very strong with “It Might Be You”, a powerful catchy AOR tune. Unfortunately the band wasn’t able to create eight songs of the same caliber as “It Might Be You”. I’m not saying that the other seven songs are not good but the opening track simply shines like a diamond. TPP is playing radio friendly AOR or melodic rock. Their songs are well arranged, have catchy choruses, and the performance of the musicians is strong. Vocalist Anna Savhed is a good singer and also the production of this CD is clear and crisp. So if you put all of this together you get a CD that is really enjoyable to listen to. If you are a fan of female fronted melodic rock/AOR then you should check this band out.
Which CD? Finally here...
Who wrote the review? Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter'zine
Rating? 8.0 / 10
Date? October 23, 2001
This is the fifth CD of the Swedish Female Fronted AOR/Poprockband TWO PIECE PUZZLE. The CD contains 8 songs and the first song is one of the best songs the band recorded so far. The song is called "It might be you", and this is a fantastic strong midtempo AOR song with a very catchy chorus. This opening song sounds perfect and is a must for everyone who digs typical 80s female fronted AOR (1st ROBIN BECK, TONE NORUM), and more recent similarities I heard in this song were ALYSON AVENUE and DANTE FOX. "It might be you" has some great harmony vocals and belongs to the top of female fronted AOR at the moment.

The rest of the CD is not as good as that first song, but nevertheless, it is quite enjoyable female fronted AOR/Poprock. "I'm ready" has some progressive guitar riffs, while the song itself is a nice uptempo AOR/Melodic Rocker. A bit calmer is "I didn't mean to", a very 80s inspired laid-back radio-ready light AOR song with a memorable chorus. Next track "What I want" is a nice midtempo AOR/Poprocker. Interesting song is "What can I do", a semi-ballad that changes into an uptempo poprocker halfway through the song. The acoustic ballad "Without you" follows. The final two songs on the CD are the poprocker "Back in business" and the semi-ballad "Easy come easy go".

TWO PIECE PUZZLE has released another fine record, recommended to fans of female fronted AOR/Poprock. Check out the track "It might be you" and you're in AOR HEAVEN! More info at: and e-mail at:

Which CD? Stupid
Who wrote the review? ???
Rating? 8 / 10
Date? June, 2000
If I am not mistaken then this six song CD is the fourth release of this Swedish band. These six songs prove again that this band deserves to be heard by a wider audience than what they can reach with this demo CD.

Opening song Stupid is a great up-tempo rocker it is catchy and shows off again the sexy voice of Anna Savhed. Anna is a girl with an excellent couple of vocal cords.

I'm still amazed that this band isn't signed. Their music is mature and radio friendly. They have a couple of potential hits in their catalogue so it's about time those labels woke up. TPP is certainly not a heavy band, but their blend of pop/rock is very catchy and excellent performed musically, and the vocals are top notch.

Which CD? Stupid!
Who wrote the review? Nicky Baldrian
Rating? 9 / 10
Date? May 29, 2000
Sweden's Two Piece Puzzle follow up their highly respected batch of demos from last year with this brand new excellently produced six track CD-R demo.

This band are far from stupid, they are classy and play slick aor pop a'la Robin Beck, Berlin, Dante Fox and Alyson Avenue.

Two Piece Puzzle is a five piece band featuring the sexy Anna Savhed - vocals, Rickard Johansson - bass, Jesper Rosdahl - keys, Jesper Ohlsson - guitars and last but not least Jonny Persson on drums.

The band have matured in the song writing department, now the songs have more finesse and character about them. My favourite songs are Moments (calmer Dante Fox), and Love ain't enough. Now Love ain't enough simply slays me every time I hear it. Anna's voice is immaculate, you're immediately drawn towards her amazing and very sexy voice. This song deserves to be a hit.

A lot of thought and effort has been put into Two Piece Puzzle's music, and it amazes me that they still remain unsigned. Why, for God's sake? Some buttons need to be pushed here I think, as the labels are missing out on a band that have loads of crossover appeal.

Here we have a very talented band, so please do yourselves a favour and check them out, you won't be disappointed. One of my fave bands so far this year. Recommended.

Which CD? Stupid!
Who wrote the review? Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter'zine
Rating? 8.5 / 10
Date? April 2, 2000
The Swedish female fronted AOR band TWO PIECE PUZZLE returns with their 4th CD release and after hearing it, I can conclude that this is the band's best release. It is also their most AOR based, because the 6 songs on Stupid! are all high-class female fronted AOR tunes with both influences from the 80s and 90s. TWO PIECE PUZZLE is musically comparable to acts like TONE NORUM (her first two records), BLONDE ON BLONDE and 80s HEART.

Opener and titletrack Stupid shows that this band needs to reach a larger audience, because it is really a killer AOR song which is also very suitable to play on the radiostations across Europe. Stupid is a fantastic classic 80s uptempo female fronted AOR rocker a la the first two albums of TONE NORUM. The song has a super melodic sound and features some wonderful
keyboards (by Jesper Rosdahl). This is definitely the strongest song of the band so far. Actually it is much better than their previous releases, because the 3 earlier CDs showed a more melodic poprock which sounded good. But this song really is pure AOR and almost blows away the earlier recordings. Combined with a strong self-production, the band is on the right track.

Next track Moments leans towards 90s pop/rock, but still has a wonderful AOR chorus. This semi-ballad is radio-ready if you ask me and with some good backing promotion it could easily turn out to a huge hit. Following track Never enough is a great uptempo (80s typed) AOR/Melodic Poprocker with some lovely harmony vocals. Live till I die follows and is a nice semi melodic rockballad. TOTO influences can be heard in the midtempo AOR tune Still not over you. Closing track is the lovely semi AOR ballad Love ain't enough.

Without any doubts, this is the best effort of TWO PIECE PUZZLE. Together with the other Swedish band ALYSON AVENUE, TWO PIECE PUZZLE is right on top of the Female Fronted AOR scene. Pretty soon an interview with both bands. For now, check out TWO PIECE PUZZLE at: and e-mail them at:

Which CD? "2" and "3"
Who wrote the review? Bruno Van de Velde, Undertow web 'zine, Belgium
Rating? 7 / 10
Date? ???
Two Piece Puzzle from Svedala, Sweden. Have sent me their demo#3 and their demo #2 as a bonus on one CD. You can situate the catchy songs on this disk somewhere between pop rock and AOR.

They've recorded some songs whom would fit perfectly on the radio. Vocalist Anna Savhed has a really good powerful voice. Highlights on this disk are Too Much a bluesy song with a really catchy chorus, that reminds me somehow of Alannah Myles. The ballad Fall In Love Again is an excellent song and shows off the terrific voice of Anna.

The other 4 songs are from their Demo #2. And overall a little bit less catchy than the three new songs. There is also a multimedia part, a video for the song Crazy, on this CD but my computer refused to play the video clip. Overall we can say that Two Piece Puzzle is a band with lots of potential.

Which CD? "2" and "3"
Who wrote the review? Catchy Hooks, Swedish web site
Rating? 7.5 / 10
Date? ???
Sweden is a Great place to find good AOR/Pop bands! Just look at Two Piece Puzzle (from Swedala). They have done a pretty good demo CD (this is Demo#3 with #2 as a bonus) with some catchy songs that are maybe more "WestCoast" than AOR.
They've got some stuff here that would fit perfectly on the radio! And female vocalist Anna Savhed has got a really good voice that can sound both "Sweet" & "Sour" at the same time (if you know what I mean?)

Opening Track Someone like you is a good up tempo pop song that sounds like a mixture of Beatles and Dante Fox...well.. maybe it sounds more like Beatles! But it's a great song that could be a Big Radio Hit (with a pushing label behind them). Too much is a more bluesy song with a really catchy AOR chorus! Great Stuff! Some influences from Alannah Myles maybe? Who cares? It´s catchy! Fall in love again is a nice ballad with a sound that reminds me a little bit of Bangles "Eternal flame" Wow! Anna is a great vocalist!

The other 4 songs are from their Demo #2. Crazy is a nice song and guess what? There is a video of that song on the CD! Weird thing is a another catchy song that sounds like a mixture of Saraya & Roxette and Give is a great ballad with a keyboard sound almost like TOTO's. Good stuff!

Check 'em out at: and Buy their CD Demo !

Which CD? "3"
Who wrote the review? Nicky Baldrian
Rating? 7 / 10
Date? ???
Two Piece Puzzle are a female fronted AOR/pop/rock band from Svedala, Sweden, who sound quite alot like Vixen, Saraya, Dante Fox, Jaime Kyle and Device thanks mainly to Anna Savhed's rasping vocal style.

The music is based around synth-driven melodies with very cool guitar structures from Jesper Ohlsson, showing a very warm feelgood factor like the up tempo Someone Like You and the plaintive ballad Fall In Love Again.

The CD-R is a shopfull of fun AOR/pop grandeur hooklines delivered with sufficient charms to stifle the critics out there who don't belive that rock music (especially a band with a female vocalist) can be fun. Crazy is a cool tounge in cheek lightweight rocker where the mix sits just right and forces you to sing along.

As a CD-R demo you would think that the production wouldn't be up to standards, but whilst not brilliant it does show that the band know what they are doing in the studio, and that is my only moan which I'm sure will be rectified when this band get signed.

The music is undoubtedly good, and as a bonus present to lull you into checking this thing out, this CD-R comes complete with bands video for Crazy. Anna is a classy lady, so guys there is no g-strings, skimpy skirts, egg cup bras and long legs here as all the focus is on the music. But this is a hot and wild demo of soaring AOR melodies and foot tappingly infectious songs from a soon to be hit band.

To contact the band check out their website or email

Which CD? "3"
Who wrote the review? Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutter'zine
Rating? 7 / 10
Date? ???
Swedish poprockers TWO PIECE PUZZLE are back with their third mini CD. Musically they are still playing poprock with some AOR influenced choruses.

It's the good vocals of the female lead vocalist Anna Savhed that gave the music of TWO PIECE PUZZLE a very melodic sound that is 80's influenced but has an updated 90s pop/rock feeling which you hear nowadays on the radio stations.

The first song Someone like you is a bit poppy, but has an excellent catchy melodic AOR chorus. This could do well on the European charts with some good promotion. Next track Too much is a bit more in the 90s pop/rock tradition. The final track Fall in love again is a good ballad.

If you're interested in hearing TOTO influenced aor/poprock with female vocals you should check this TWO PIECE PUZZLE. Also check out their two previous releases.

For all the info on this Swedish band go to their website at: and e-mail them at: