The band

Two Piece Puzzle is a band from Svedala, Sweden.

MEMBERS (old and new):
Jesper Ohlsson
Jesper Rosdahl
Göran Sonesson
Peter Andersson
Anna Savhed
Jonny Persson
Anna Wulff

It's so hard to decribe what kind of music we play.
Some people say AOR. Some call it melodic rock.
And someone said it was 90's pop/rock.

You might also get a clue from this list. A long time ago, when we were
a cover band, we played songs by these artists:

Toto, Beatles, Heart, Bette Midler, Cardigans, Meredith Brooks, Roxette,
Carlene Carter, Eagles, Alanis Morissette, Melissa Etheridge, No Doubt,
Louise Hoffsten, Anouk, Joan Osborne, Natalie Imbruglia, Divinyls,
Skunk Anansie, Human League, Wilmer X, Thin Lizzy, Sting, Rembrandts,
Marillion, Gyllene Tider, Rick Springfield, Roy Orbison, Dan Reed Network,
D.A.D., Queen, Tuesdays, Bryan Adams, Cher, Joey Tempest, Gun,
Nikolaj Steen, Low budget blues band, Jamie Walters, Joshua Kadison,
Hootie & the Blowfish, Sanne Salomonsen, Fastball, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi.

We want to thank the nice people at Radio Active in Ystad
and Radio City in Malmö, for playing our songs on the radio.

- Two Piece Puzzle (May 1997)
- 2 (November 1998)
- 3 (June 1999)
- Stupid! (March 2000)
- Finally here... (September 2001)
- Picture this (September 2002)
- Perfect Day (May 2004)
You can read more about the CDs and the songs on the Songs page.


1990 - Jesper O, Jonny Persson and Rickard Johansson started the band under the name MANMADE. Within a couple of months the lineup was complete with bass player Joacim Möller, keyboard player Daniel Svensson and background singers Linda Claesson and Sofia Ohlsson.
1991 - Sofia left the band
1992 - Joacim left the band. He was replaced by Peter Andersson.
1993 - Linda left the band. She was replaced by Lotta Wahlgren.
1995 - Peter left the band, Rickard moved to bass and Lotta became the lead singer.
1996 - We changed the name to PEACH, but we soon found out there were other bands with that name, so we changed it again, to TWO PIECE PUZZLE. In the fall Lotta left the band. She was replaced by Anna Savhed.
1997 - The first CD was recorded. Daniel left the band. Chaos and disorder for a while but after a few months we found Jesper Rosdahl.
1998 - The second demo CD was recorded. In July, at "SommarRock 98" we shot a video for the song "Crazy". We won "Garage 98", a rock band contest in Ystad, and got to record one more song.
1999 - In the spring we recorded our third demo CD. In June we played one of the new songs on a local TV show called "Fredagsnöjet" on TV4/SKÅNE
2000 - In the spring we recorded our fourth demo CD. In July Rickard decided to leave the band. He was quickly replaced by our old bass player Peter Andersson.
2001 - We built a studio, and recorded the fifth demo CD.
2002 - We spent less time on the band, but we recorded another demo.
2003 - This year we spent even less time on the band. In the spring we started
recording another demo.
2004 - Anna and Jonny left the band. The rest of us decided to continue. The seventh demo CD was released in May. In the spring Göran Sonesson joined the band. We're still looking for a new lead singer.
2004-2007 - Writing and recording a some new songs. But unfortunately they never get finished. There are a couple of great songs in the vault. We hope you get to hear them some day.
2011 - There are plans for a reunion, but sadly it never happens. Maybe some day...